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Bookmark and ShareI live in NYC and, as with most urban areas, rats are a daily part of life, especially in the train stations.  To be honest with you I have never understood how people can keep them as pets.  One word that comes up often in relation to rats is, “disgusting”.  I don’t know that I have ever thought of rats as such, but it doesn’t mean I can appreciate them as pets.

Despite these feelings about rats, they are living creatures that are well deserving of humanity – whether that is in life or in death.  Continue Reading »


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Spaying and neutering aren’t just for preventing reproduction.  If you have had the good fortune of having a cat or a dog as part of your family I am sure that you have been well-educated on the importance of spaying & neutering your pets – for the most obvious reasons of preventing reproduction but also for reasons of ensuring the good health of your pet as they mature.  I don’t discount the importance of these procedures for the health of my pets but I must admit, I did have one dog that I never neutered and he lived to be 17 years old.  This is NOT an endorsement for NOT fixing your pet because there are life-threatening medical conditions which can affect your pet if they are not fixed.  I recently experienced one of these conditions – Pyometra – meaning “pus-filled uterus”. This condition can affect female dogs, cats, rats, ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Continue Reading »

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