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Bookmark and ShareThe fight to save the dolphins continues. The Cove is a documentary that tells the story of an elite group of activists, filmmakers, freedivers, and celebrities who embark on a covert operation to uncover the deep secrets that lie beneath the surface. 

The Cove won an Oscar for Best Feature Documentary.

To learn more about the movie, the team or what you can do to stop the insanity

visit the official The Cove website.


In the spirit of the season, Mambo Sprouts is teaming up with Wellness Natural Pet Foods presenting the Holiday Pet Photo & Wellness Tip Contest. For every entry received Wellness will donate $1.00 (up to $1,000)! The Grand Prize Winner will choose which of their favorite animal-related charities will receive $1,000.00.  The Grand Prize Winner will also receive a $100.00 gift package for themselves and their favorite pet.

Pull out the cutest photo of your pet and show off your  knowledge of, and commitment to the wellness of animals and enter to win – not only for yourself…but for your favorite animal-related charity.

Enter To Win

Contest ends January 22, 2010.

Bookmark and ShareOver the course of my life, I have been privileged to have 6 different dogs as members of my family. Not to mention all of the strays that have come and gone in between – other dogs, birds, mice, fish…I have always been surrounded by animals and treat them with the utmost respect.  As a Catholic I have been aware of the patron saints and St. Francis of Assisi– the patron saint of animals – is no exception.  I would take my dogs to the blessing of the animals every year at St. Dominic’s parish in The Bronx.  I think to most Catholic animal caretakers St.Francis is THEE patron saint of animals….but there are others.  The one that I am most intrigued by is St. Roch.  St. Roch is more commonly known as the patron saint of the invalid and infirm but he is also known as the patron saint of dogs and their owners.  When you read the story of St. Roch, it is easy to understand how dogs came to be known as “man’s best friend”. Continue Reading »

Every day, tens of thousands of dogs and puppies are lost or abandoned. They are destined to be one of the 4 to 6 million animals euthanized every year in the U.S.  That’s where heroes from above step in. Pilots who donate their time, planes, and fuel to rescue dogs and transport them quickly and comfortably across the many miles to their new life. Trailer for Tails in Flight, TV Version

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