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Recently, flea medications have come under scrutiny for their safety.  This is alarming because as the human companion to several different dogs, they have all been exposed, at various times, to a flea control product of one type or another.  I have never been big on flea collars or shampoos and have never ever tried the topical treatments.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t acknowledge that they are necessary.  As sure as fleas exist, every human dog companion knows this.  But what’s a human companion to do? Continue Reading »


Bookmark and ShareOver the course of my life, I have been privileged to have 6 different dogs as members of my family. Not to mention all of the strays that have come and gone in between – other dogs, birds, mice, fish…I have always been surrounded by animals and treat them with the utmost respect.  As a Catholic I have been aware of the patron saints and St. Francis of Assisi– the patron saint of animals – is no exception.  I would take my dogs to the blessing of the animals every year at St. Dominic’s parish in The Bronx.  I think to most Catholic animal caretakers St.Francis is THEE patron saint of animals….but there are others.  The one that I am most intrigued by is St. Roch.  St. Roch is more commonly known as the patron saint of the invalid and infirm but he is also known as the patron saint of dogs and their owners.  When you read the story of St. Roch, it is easy to understand how dogs came to be known as “man’s best friend”. Continue Reading »

Bookmark and ShareAs if having a pet wouldn’t be a happy enough act…now pet owners come a little closer to being happy about caring for their pets.  H.R. 3501 was introduced to the House of Representatives on July 31, 2009.  This act, more commonly known as The HAPPY Act – Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years – would allow an individual to deduct up to $3500 for qualified pet care expensesSign the petition to get this passed! Continue Reading »

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There are certain shows I love to watch, and do so religiously.  I love to watch Bones, CSI, Law & Order: SVU, and just about any crime programming that details actual crimes and their resolution.  I also love Hell’s Kitchen, and just about anything on HGTV.  If asked, I could tell you why I like any of the shows I actually watch.

Have you ever watched your pet watching TV and wondered what it was about that particular show that they liked?  When I caught my dog, Morby, watching TV, at first I thought she was only responding to action on the screen but not necessarily having a “favorite” show.

Morby Watching The Planet's Funniest Animals
Morby Watching The Planet’s Funniest Animals

Research done on cats and dogs infers that is exactly what she was doing.  Contrary to what most people believe, dogs are not completely color blind.  It is only the reds and greens that dogs can’t see, putting them at a distinct disadvantage at Christmas time.  It turns out that dogs can see the color blue very well.  I am relieved to know that since blue is my favorite color and whenever I would ask Morby how my navy suit looked, I knew she was answering me honestly when she said “woof”. Continue Reading »

I have had dogs for nearly my entire life – 34 years.  When I was growing up, I had a “puddle” named Heidi and a “bitchin’ fries” named Max.  These are unarguably small pooches which were easy to take to the groomers.  I would pile them into the car, drop them off in the morning, usually around 8:30am and then somewhere around 2pm I would get the call that they were ready for pick up.  The first groomer we had for Heidi, we used for most of her 12 years of life, so naturally when I got Max, we continued going to the same groomer for about the first 5 years of his 18 years, then we changed groomers.

As an adult with a fiancé, and finally adopting our first dog together and on our own, we were adopted by this beautiful fluffy, 12y.o. girl named Morby.  She was a Pom/Sheltie mix, about 2/3 larger than the dogs I had become accustomedMorby too.  We would take her to the groomer, which was a bit more of a project due to her size but we did it religiously.  Morby didn’t mind the groomers the first few times, but then I noticed a change – not the worst – in Morby.  The last time I went to pick her up from the groomer, this little “old lady” came bounding out of the back room, leapt over the 4 foot divider, right into my unsuspecting arms.  It was time to consider an alternative which was to learn grooming myself and then just do the deed myself.  SandyShortly after this incident, I came into custody of a Husky named Sandy.  Sandy was almost twice Morby’s size and due to her condition, was rather clumsy and due to her size was not easy to lift around.  It was definitely my destiny to do the grooming for these girls myself.  This was no easy task.  We decided to take the leap and try mobile dog grooming.  At this point it just made sense. Continue Reading »

Every day, tens of thousands of dogs and puppies are lost or abandoned. They are destined to be one of the 4 to 6 million animals euthanized every year in the U.S.  That’s where heroes from above step in. Pilots who donate their time, planes, and fuel to rescue dogs and transport them quickly and comfortably across the many miles to their new life. Trailer for Tails in Flight, TV Version

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